Meet Your Head Coach- Toven

Meet the Head Coach

I have been teaching Phys. Ed for 7 years now and I have always wanted to put my own spin on a program that would maximize fun, healthy competition and engagement for all involved.

I grew up in Nova Scotia and from an early age knew that I wanted to have a job that allowed me to be physically active. Once professional hockey and golf were out the window, I went on to study Business at Saint Mary’s University and then Education at Acadia University with the goal of one day leveraging both of these experiences into a rewarding and active career. 

Although I grew up in Nova Scotia, I spent most of my summers in York, PEI with my Grandparents and Mom, who all were born and raised in York. I can still vividly remember at the beginning of the summer, driving past Vesey Seeds, which signified the start of something special. I was also lucky enough to meet and marry an Island girl and we both decided a long time ago to begin our transition back to the Island long term.

My ultimate goal with Active Islanders is to personally become a leader and mentor in the community while showing our youth that physical activity should be looked upon in a positive and fun light. I also want to be able to provide this opportunity and experience at an affordable rate for parents.

I look forward to this journey and hopefully I can bring value to an already incredible Island community.