Active Islanders Values

  1. Teamwork- The vast majority of our games and activities will involve some form of teamwork so participants will be provided with an opportunity to learn how to be a good teammate in various settings and circumstances
  2. Athletic Citizenship- Participants at Active Islanders camps will be taught and coached to participant in physically active games in a competitive yet respectful way. Our participants will be encouraged to give it 100 percent effort but equal weight will be placed on accepting results and respecting opponents.
  3. Humility/Fun- Although physical activity offers numerous benefits and learning opportunities, we don’t want to take ourselves too seriously here at Active Islanders (Laughing emoji). Our participants will be encouraged to laugh lots, have tons of fun, show their excitement, and take breaks when needed.
  4. Accountability- It will be a joint effort among staff and participants to ensure we are taking care of our equipment and others, be on time and ready to listen during transitions and breaks, and ensure we are giving each activity our best shot!
  5. Kindness- Staff and participants will be committed to ensuring that our collective words and actions are ones that are kind and respectful. There is nothing wrong with competing but our commitment to respecting our opponents and peers will be second to none.